Dec 14, 2010

Pensacola Christmas Parade

There are a few things you should know about parades here in Pensacola, FL.

The first is that we are in the Bible Belt so this was a Christmas Parade, not a Holiday Parade. I don't mind too much. There were some beautiful floats, church oriented and not. There was even a Baptist church that had a marching band and choral group in the parade.

The second is that the areas around the Gulf of Mexico have that same Cajun feeling as you would expect in New Orleans. It is the same whether you are in the Panhandle of Florida or the coast of Texas. The Gulf areas have their own culture, that is very distinguishable from the rest of their state. So, when you go to a parade in our area you can expect floats shaped like pirate ships; and you can expect getting tossed vast quantities of beads, stuffed animals and candy. The Gulf folk know how to throw a party.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

Boy 2 and Boy 1 hanging out in our spots before the parade starts.

The parade started with a marathon race.

A festive marathon racer.

Here comes the police and that means time for a parade!

The local cable company.

The Baptist church I mentioned above.

Our local baseball team, Pensacola Pelicans.

One of many entries from our Gulf neighbors.

Dog in the Parade

A local skating rink

The local PBS station.

Blue Angel pilots handing out beads.

CAT Country radio station. They had fake snow on the windshield and they had it coming off the top of their truck.

A local church group singing Christmas carols.

Mobile Oil Company

A local ERA Realtor office

This dragon float blew smoke out if its nostrils.


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