Jun 6, 2010

All Pinks

Today's focus is photos that have pink items. Enjoy!

Tennis Ball.

Buds on a tree.

"Helicopter" maple seed.

Pink tulips.

Rhododendron bud.

Rhododendron flowers.

Fallen fuchsia flower.

Hanging fuchsia flowers.

Hanging fuchsia flowers.



Linda in New Mexico said...

I love macro and you do it so well. I have missed your postings. Happy you are doing the scrapping thang too. I have so many questions...just another way for me to annoy....but I do it so well. hehe The Olde Bagg

Jessica said...

Linda you are never annoying to me. I love you just the way you are :) I have been scrapping and stamping for years now but it never makes it into my blog because I take so many photos. I figured it was time to give my art its own blog space.

Rue said...

So pretty! Even the pink ball!

Anonymous said...

jessica, those fuschias in the last photo look so magical against the black background.