Oct 20, 2009

Autumn Highlights

Hello folks. Again I have been missing in action. I am finding it difficult to keep up with my blog, work and do all the other silly things I am known for. I promise I have been taking lots of photos even if I haven't had time to post them everyday.

First of all, we have been dealing with a bad flea season. My cats get regularly treated with Frontline, a veterinarian treatment. It really works, usually. This year, it just seems to kill a few. So I decided to give Mr. Inky a flea dip. He was not very happy with me. He has had a bath only a few times before. Poor Mr. Inky.

I went to my first Halloween party of the season. You all had asked to be updated on the costume I had chosen. Here it is, Mother Nature: http://www.buycostumes.com/Mother-Nature-Adult-Costume/61379/ProductDetail.aspx I had taken a head shot of myself but I don't have any body shots yet. Hopefully, one of my co-workers took one. If so, I will post it later. For now, here is my smiling face.

One of our hens, Ms. Queen, is molting. Every year, chickens molt their old feathers and grow new ones. It is very similar to dogs shedding heavily as they prepare for summer or winter. Ms. Queen didn't even leave the coop yesterday. It was cold and breezy outside so she refused to leave. She looks so mangy right now. I couldn't resist photographing her. Even Checkers wanted in on the action.

One of the reasons I am behind is that we have friends visiting. We are enjoying their company. And they bought me this adorable T-Shirt which I am wearing today. It fits me perfectly, don't you think?

This photo is from today. It is actually warm outside which is nice being it was in the 30's and 40's all last week. I was out in the yard basking in the sun when I spied this lone dandelion. I thought of it as summer's last attempt to hold on, especially with the contrast of fallen leaves. I dashed for the house to grab my camera, hoping the chickens would not notice it first. They still haven't discovered it.

The ladybugs and box elder bugs are begining to congregate. Another sure sign of the impending winter. Both of these bugs love to gather on wallls, windows, trees, dog houses etc. Pretty much they gather on any warm surface.

Lastly, I can't seem to take enough autumn foliage photos. These span all of last week. I love being outdoors in the fall. In Michigan, you can see just about every shade of orange, yellow, red, brown and green known to mankind in the fall.

Looking down the street from our front yard.

Views from under the canopy.

A variety of leaves from trees in our yard, mostly maple.

Beautiful autumn rainbow Maple leaf.



janie said...

a very cute post. Thanks!

Scott & Liz said...

Hey Jessica, I found you thru Blotanical and I feel your pain regarding day to ady life getting in the way of blogging. Great images you posted, I really do miss the changing of the leaves so thanks for givin' me a little reminder. Best we get down here are the Seagrape & tropical Almonds change color...sigh.

Mary Delle said...

Nice pics of the changing season.

Rue said...

Great pics! I've noticed the ladybugs everywhere too.

Love your Mother Nature 'do - lovely flowers!

Anonymous said...

It's good to have the update on what's been happening in your life. Sounds like you had fun at your Halloween party! (I am, unlike you, a reluctant costumer.) Love the ladybugs and the fall colors and the kitty and the molting hen. Not necessarily in that order.

Amy said...

I found your blog on blotanical, as well. I love your pretty fall photos. The trees are such pretty colors. I like the t-shirt, too :)

Anonymous said...

Jessica, do you have a photo of your broom?

Inky looks just like my Joey. She's an indoor cat so I haven't had to deal with fleas on her yet.