Oct 12, 2009

Home Decor for All

Do you remember in my post yesterday that I ordered some more Partylite decor? Guess what? It came in on a UPS truck today.

I spent the afternoon opening up all of my boxes. I still have more coming later in the month but this was the largest order I had coming in.

Look at all my goodies!

This is the witch's hat and Eerie Eyes tealight holders lit up.

Speaking of home decor, guess who else was decorating for fall. That would be Ms. Mouser, the outdoor kitty. When I was outside, I looked inside her interim cat house to see if I needed to change her bedding. I saw something that looked out of place in there so I reached in and pulled it out. Apparently, cats appreciate finer bedding. They prefer fur lined bedding, squirrel fur particularly. I found myself holding a squirrel tail by the tip saying "Ewww". Of course, I put it back. Who am I to tell a cat what is appropriate home decor for a cat apartment?

She also was decorating outside her apartment. She left a mouse near her food dishes. I thought maybe for a midnight snack but she was playing with it this afternoon. I guess I am going to have to ask Dave to take care of it.

Later on I walked by and she was contentedly laying on her squirrel tail. She had a look on her face that said "See. I know what I am doing. This is the good life."

This is just a temporary shelter. Dave has drawn up plans for an actual cat house complete with stairs and a hinged side panel for changing the bedding. For now, she really enjoys her apartment.



Rosey Pollen said...

I laughed out loud at that suqirrel tale. I had a cat that used to play with a stuffed mouse made out of rabbit fur. I can just image your kitty chasing and throwing this tale around. Ha!
Your party lite stash is very festive!

Bangchik said...

A squirrel tail?... and it is good of you to put it back... haha. ~ bangchik

JoyceAnn said...

Cool decorations , love the metal pumpkin. Enjoyed reading about your cat's decorating style (brought a smile to my face) , squirel tails must be the rage this Fall (LOL).

~ Happy October Blog Party ~

Autumn Belle said...

I like to see all your halloween stuff. Must be fun to do. That squirrel tail is funny but I think it's a good idea to let the cat test it. You are ok with completely black cats?

Angela said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that there is an award waiting for you at my place.

Anonymous said...

Oh that must have been something to pull out that squirrel tail! Looks like you've been very busy around your house. Must be because Halloween is creeping closer?

Domestic Witch said...

oooh you got lots of pretties!