Oct 11, 2009

Which Witch and Mantis

We have been listening at work to a number of Halloween songs at work, over and over again. One of these songs is titled "Which Witch is Which?" by the Hit Crew. It is a very catchy little song and can be found on a handful of Drews Famous CD's. You can listen to it here: http://www.amazon.com/Which-Witch-Is/dp/B0011NO4S4/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1255308912&sr=1-4 The whole point of this, is that I found it amusing that I was running around in a witch's hat at work with this song playing. Which witch am I? Am I a good witch? I think so.

For Camera Critter Sunday, here is my entry. This preying mantis was hanging out by our backdoor. I love mantises. They look so alienish, as if they don't belong on Earth at all.

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Update: If you want to look at the photos closer, just click them. A larger version will open. The mantis is so much more detailed in the full size photo.



SquirrelQueen said...

Love the outfit and I would say you are definitely a good witch.

Cool mantis, she looks a little different from the ones I have here. I had one that lived in the potted plants on my patio all summer.

Have a great week,

Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts by LindaOma said...

Ya look like a good witch to me. I know what you mean about walking around to the song. Most all of my neighbors are not clued in to the fact that a Wiccan family is lurking under their noses, especially at Halloween or Summer or Winter Solstice, even though we include them in our public celebrations. The funniest part is that....the kids all know. Many of the teenage variety are of course interested and think it is "cool" for the old witch to give advice and charms. So Which Witch is Which???? I'm not gonnna tell. Linda in New Mexico

eileeninmd said...

Love your costume, and the Praying Mantis is a cool sighting.

Autumn Belle said...

How nice to be able to play witch once in a while and to get paid for this. I'm sure you'd be a helpful witch to the muggles. Now, this praying mantis looks kinda funny with the triangular face.

Rosey Pollen said...

Oh I love it! You are a superb witch...and such a fun job you work at. The praying mantis has got his alien costume on, I see. You are right, they are alienish looking.

Anonymous said...

Cool costume AND cool preying mantis. :)

Kanak Hagjer said...

Good witch, of course! and I really like the mantis photo. Found one baby mantis a few days ago...also love to see Camera Critters posts.