May 7, 2011


If you are wondering, "Gee, I wonder where Miss Jessica disappeared for a whole month?" Wonder no more. We have been exceptionally busy brooding our new Southern flock of chickens. We just kicked the littlest ones out of the house and into the coop.

Now if you follow me on Facebook, you probably know this already and are more than likely tired of seeing all the super cuteness that is baby chicks. If you don't follow me on Facebook, then get settled down for the most adorable balls of fluff ever! I have 22 introductions to make so please allow for load time of the super cuteness.

Mirage, Black Andalusian. Birthdate: 03/22/11

Aurora, Blue Maran. Birthdate: 03/22/11

Snowy (Snow White), Splash Maran. Birthdate: 03/12/11

Rusty, Gold Lace Wyandotte. Birthdate: 02/13/11

Fiona, Gold Lace Wyandotte. Birthdate: 02/13/11

Dusty (back) and Belle (front), Gold Lace Wyandottes. Birthdate: 02/13/11

Kate, Gold Lace Wyandotte. Birthdate: 02/13/11

The following photos were taken near Easter so I used a basket as a prop. However, we did not get these chicks for Easter. It is very important that you know what you are getting into before bringing home any baby animal, whether it is chicks and bunnies or cats and dogs. Do not purchase chicks as an Easter gift if you know nothing about their care. That being said, enjoy the next set of photos.

Snickers, Black Sex-Link. Birthdate: 03/31/11

Ori (left) & Nougat (right), Buff Orpingtons. Birthdate: 03/31/11

Tootsie, Black Sex-Link. Birthdate: 03/31/11

Kit Kat, Black Sex-Link. Birthdate: 03/31/11

Reese, Welsummer. Birthdate: 04/14/11

Daisy, Cuckoo Maran. Birthdate: 04/14/11

Zelda, Cuckoo Maran. Birthdate: 04/14/11

Tiana, Ameraucana. Birthdate: 04/20/11

Jasmine, Ameraucana. Birthdate: 04/20/11

Majora, Ameraucana. Birthdate: 04/20/11

Cadbury, Delaware. Birthdate: 04/20/11

Dove, Delaware. Birthdate: 04/20/11

In sad news, we lost Cocoa today and Dove is acting very lethargic. We suspect a bacterial issue and had to scrub the coop real good. Persephone died the morning after we got her. We suspect she had some sort of disease before she even arrived at the feed store. I never got to take a photo of Persephone, but here is Cocoa's baby picture.

Cocoa, Welsummer. Birthdate: 04/14/11 Died: 05/07/11

Persephone, Buff Orpington. Birthdate: 03/31/11 Died: 04/03/11

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Anonymous said...

Wow - what fabulous shots of all these charming birds.

eileeninmd said...

They are SO CUTE! Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing.

Becca said...

Most of your chicks are absolutely adorable. It's amazing how different they look when they grow up lol

Jessica said...

Thanks everyone. Becca, what do you mean "most" LOL Some of them were going through the down to feather stage so they weren't as cute as when they were little balls of fluff. But now that they are becoming more evenly feathered they are cute again. :)