May 10, 2011

Julie & Jessica

Last night I watched Julie & Julia. I'll admit it, I watched the movie before I read the book. And I have never read her blog, original or the newer one, which is now defunct. But watching the movie gave me some perspective on blogging. In the movie, she seems content to blog because she wants to but as the story moves on she discovers she has readers, she becomes almost obsessive. Instead of thinking about her quest for self betterment , she frets about what her readers expect and what their reactions will be. It results in several meltdowns when things don't go as she plans them. How often have we, as less known, bloggers fretted about the same things? I love my readers and fellow bloggers but the world will keep turning if I do not post the perfect blog and they are less than satisfied. So today, I am going to honor my own sense of self. Here for your viewing enjoyment, or not so much enjoyment, are my favorite less than perfect photographs. The are in order of when they were taken and tell no story. Only that I goofed the photo. After all, that is the theme of this, my, blog. Mundane photography gone magical, even if it is by trial and error.


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