Mar 19, 2010

Blooming Friday - Budding Spring

I am not sure how well that title suits me at the moment.

We have had several warm days and everything is starting to pop up their little heads. I can almost hear them whispering "Is it time to get up? I have had a nice nap but I am ready to stretch my leaves." The daffodils that just started to bloom almost appear to be yawning, saying, "It's good to be up again."

Just when I think all is good, my husband comes home and tells me a nasty rumor he heard. He heard a weather man say that we can expect *GASP* snow! Now I know Winter still has a few more days left to his reign but I am really ready for Spring in all her splendid glory.

Please Mr. Winter, be nice to my sunny daffodils and my fragrant hyacinths. Be gentle to the emerging sedum and irises. Keep your frosty touch off the rhododendron buds and the barely open leaves on my roses. I hope Winter is listening.

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Bangchik said...

They really are waking up after a long sleep. They are splashing colours all over!! beautiful. ~bangchik

easygardener said...

Once the Daffodils are up I think Spring is officially in full swing. Your plants seem to agree!

Mia said...

Lets hope someone heard your prayers, snow this time of year isn't fun at all. Much more fun to enjoy your springbulbs :)

Katarina said...

I do hope Mr Winter heards you and that he stays away until next year.
Happy spring!

Michigoose said...

Great shots! I love how you're getting right down into it!