Mar 29, 2010

Taboo and Blog Award

CAUTION: This blog post may not be suitable for younger audiences. It contains sensitive subject matter and what may be considered too much information. This is also fairly long winded. If you are squeamish about religion, politics and and other adult topics, turn back now. I will resume my family safe posts tomorrow. If you are feeling adventurous, continue on at your own risk. Bwaa Ha Ha

Moonwolf over at Howling at the Moon,, has graced me with the Beautiful Blogger award. Thank you ever so much!

You can say it. Ooh, Ahhh! Isn't it lovely? Ahem, where was I? Ah yes, in order to participate one must do the following:

- Thank the person who gave you this award.
- Share 7 things about yourself.
- Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
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I have done a few of these before and I am running out of things to say about myself. Let see *drumming fingers*.... I think for this award I am going to talk about seven taboo subjects and how I feel about them. If you want some fluffy bunny topics about me see these previous blog posts.

So without further ado, here are seven things you may not know about me, and might wish you never had.

1 & 2. I will start you out easy. My vices are swearing and smoking. With both I have actually gotten better but they are still there. I don't swear in front of strangers and I try not to in front of my children. However, if I am in a very emotional state such as pain or angry, I can and have let loose a tirade that will make the toughest sailor blush like a school girl. On smoking, I have quit several times over my life and still come back to it. I recognize it is a filthy and unhealthy habit but it is one I have no desire to quit at this time. It is my guilty pleasure. I do NOT smoke in the house. If I want one bad enough, I will bundle up and go out in a blizzard but I do not light up in the house.

I consider myself politically independent. I lean more towards liberal when it comes to social issues but regarding family issues I am conservative. It makes for a very interesting mishmash of political views. I think my parent's (who often have very different views) go crazy wondering where they went wrong raising me. I promise they did very well in raising me to make educated decisions and to consider both sides before making them. My next couple of items deal with these views.

3. I fully support health care reform. I have been in that gray area where we made too much money to get state assistance but not enough to be able to afford insurance and our employers didn't offer it. Do you know how hard it is to make the decision on whether or not you can afford to take yourself or your loved ones to the doctor or not? Have you had to make these decisions before? People in America, or anywhere for that matter, should never have to and yet there are thousands of Americans who have to make those decisions.

4. I do not support abortion, with the exception of the big two: rape and life or death matters. In all other cases, if you were adult enough to make a baby, you are adult enough to birth the baby. There are so many folks who want children of their own and cannot conceive. Not to mention, whether or not you intended to get pregnant, you are now housing a precious life that will, if given the chance, become a wonderful person. When women use the excuse "it's my body, I can do what I want" I get so angry. Well what about that little body developing inside you? That excuse is the perfect example of what is wrong with society. It is always I, Mine, Me. It is selfish and uncaring to the world outside our immediate self. What if we all started caring a little more about each other instead of ourselves? What kind of drastic change would we see in how the world cultures associate with each other?

5. I DO believe in sexual education and programs to encourage birth control until you are ready to start a family. And before anyone mentions teaching abstinence only, I don't think it works. No matter how hard you try to tell teens about it, only a few will listen. This is because teens inherently will want to expand their horizons regardless of what we say. It is human nature and part of becoming an adult. Why not prepare them for the risks and how to prevent them if they do decide to experiment? This brings me to another birth control subject. Why in the world someone would want to keep popping out children like they were populating a small country is beyond my comprehension. Oh I understand broadening the gene pool, survival of the species, a desire to feel a mother child bond etc. I also understand to some degree the religious aspect of "Gods Blessings". At some point though, one has to realize that "go forth and multiply" didn't probably mean like Jack Rabbits. Just because I am anti-abortion doesn't mean that I want to pay to take care of children because their parents couldn't figure out enough is enough. If you are in the place where you can support raising a large family, by all means multiply. If you aren't in that place, take some steps to ensure you get to that place first.

6. My religion. In case some of you haven't figured this out, I am a pagan, heathen, witch or any other number names you want to call it. I usually label myself a spiritualist if I have to describe my religion. I am not a Wiccan though. There is a difference, trust me. My faith sometimes collides with the stereotypes folks of my path are given. My abortion and anti-feminist stances often clash with the accepted belief that all pagans are Goddess worshipers and feminist in nature. I am not. I believe in duality in nature. This extends also to deity as nature is nothing more than the divine spark of God. Both male and female aspects always are present. I pay as much respect to the male form as the female form. I think sometimes other pagans lose sight of this and tend to become obsessed with the female aspect as much as some Abrahamic religions become obsessed with the male aspect.

I am anti-feminist. I think that when one becomes married and begins a family, the female should be responsible for the hearth. I am all for equal opportunity but when it comes to making a family, one must make some sacrifices of themselves in order to truly raise a well rounded member of society. Now I am not saying give up everything that makes you an individual but will it really be worth making a six digit salary if your child grows up a stranger. It makes me so sad to hear about children who are left in daycare for not just a few hours at a time but all day, all week, every week. And don't get me started on how I feel about boarding schools. This doesn't include single parents who have no choice but to work to make ends meet. This is directed at those that are capable of spending time on their family but are content to let someone else deal with it.

On a lighter note, sometimes I am a stereotype. I fit the stereotyping in that I have not one, but two black cats who happened to find their way to me. You may very well run across me meditating in a park or on a nature trail. I regularly go out to bathe in the moonlight, not naked though. I am not so much into going out of the house sky clad. I am a nature lover and my hobbies reflect that.

7. Probably the most "Whoa too much information" item I have for you is this. I have a very healthy love life. I fully believe that women, and some men, need to let go of the old view that sex was only for procreation and that it is sinful to enjoy it. Yes it takes work to maintain your love life, especially after being with the same partner for many years, but it is worth it. I am not saying having an awesome time in the bedroom is going to fix all your marital woes but it will certainly go a long way in keeping your relationship solid. Intimacy is not just physical either. It is also an emotional state between you and your significant other. I care not one whit for people saying that public displays of affection are bad. Granted, I do not advise groping in public but do take time to snuggle, hold hands and kiss during the day. Make the time to have at least one night or two a week for something more physical. Experiment! There is a reason that the adult industry is a multi-million industry.

I am not going to nominate any other bloggers at this time. I don't want to force anyone to read this if they aren't comfortable with the content. However, if you are interested in playing along, leave a message in the comments with your blog address and I will edit this post to "officially" nominate you.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of all about me. If you are going to comment on one of these subjects, please keep it civil. I look forward to reading the responses.



Liz said...

I love it! straight to the point and no bullshit! (besides...I have the same vices...shhh!) Terrific blog!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Yeah for you.....great post. Honest, to the point and all you. I always cop out and give cutesie or snarky answers, I am in awe of your are my hero. I really mean that. Super job.