Mar 30, 2010

Zombie Love & Full Moon

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! My blog has been invaded by ZOMBIES! Well, a single zombie and a cute one at that.

I just wanted to share with you what my wonderful husband bought me for our anniversary. But first you must understand, I am a horror fan. Of all the horror monsters, my favorite is the zombie. I have even tinkered with some ideas for a zombie inspired tattoo. I am truly a zombie freak.

Fast forward to last week. I was checking out my favorite Etsy shops and Zombie Queen Susan had put up some new dolls. Each one is individual, handmade and absolutely precious! So while I was browsing her site, I spied LaVonnia and was instantly smitten. I sent the link to the hubby not really expecting him to buy her but he did! Then he told me and I have been waiting in unrestrained anticipation.

We have wringing our hands worried about her trip. Is she going to be comfortable in her casket (box)? Hopefully, the UPS guys would handle her with care. We don't want any zombie parts floating around country. Even my hubby was paranoid.

We can stop worrying now. LaVonnia made it to our home today. She is safe and sound as a zombie can be. She is sitting here with me as I type my blog. She says she won't eat the brains of her new mommy's bloggy friend's so you are all still safe to visit whenever you would like. Here is a photo I took of LaVonnia. I intentionally shot it in the LowFi settings to get this look. Click the photo to see her closer.

My disclaimer. I am in no way affiliated with The Zombie Farm. I was not asked to promote this shop nor am I being paid or rewarded in any way. That being said, I love my new dolly! Thank you ever so much to Zombie Queen Susan for all the love that goes into raising them from the dead. If there is a zombie lover on your gift list they will die to get one of these undead dolls. Go visit The Zombie Farm at

And now for something completely different *in my Monty Python voice*. Here's a little video I made of our full moon tonight. Enjoy!


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