Mar 22, 2010

Grand Rapids Bridal Show

This post is in honor of my friend C.B.'s upcoming nuptials and in honor of my 13th wedding anniversary, which is today!

On Saturday, March 12th, I went with a friend and some of her family members to a bridal show up in Grand Rapids, MI. My friend is getting married in the not to distant future and the highlight of any bride to be is going to bridal shows. We had a great time both during the show and afterward when we hit the town, but that is another story all together. Here are some of my favorites from the bridal show. Some of the following photos are macros for my Macro Monday entry. For more Macro Monday photos, please visit Lisa's Chaos: All photos are clickable for larger viewing size.

This is a wedding cake from Desserts by Lori, Her cake designs are so beautiful. They didn't have many there for me to photograph but check out her website. Gorgeous!

These vintage wedding dresses were a highlight for me. I thought I had a card from the company but I can't find it. I apologize that I can not give them credit. As soon as I am able to track them down I will update the post with their contact information.

This dress was my favorite and had the longest train I have ever seen. it goes up and over the border of their booth.

Close up of the bead work on wrist.

Parasol details.

I love these tiny shoes. I feel bad for the young lady who wore them. They looked like a little girl's shoes. At the time, women would do many torturous things to their feet to make then small and delicate.

The following cakes are from Fun Cakes Rental, These cakes are a trick though. The fondant is real but only small portion has real cake in it. The rest is made of foam. This allows you to still cut into the cake and feed one another but for a fraction of the cost of one of the typical designer cakes. Your guests then get served a plain sheet cake. Pretty neat idea if you ask me.

Zebra cake. I love this one. I think I might go with this style for my next birthday or at least a replica.

Black and white swirl cake.

Autumn leaves cake.

Elegant in brown and white.

Topsy-turvy cake

Details from topsy-turvy cake.

Thanks for looking and enjoy your Monday!



greekwitch said...

Happy anniversary. I am getting married in May and you just made me question my decision for a small wedding. I loved the yellow cake with the daisies!

Andree said...

This was fascinating. I have often wondered how they did those cakes. I really enjoyed seeing the details of the bead work.

Jay said...

That topsy turvy cake is quite something, isn't it!