Oct 6, 2014

Gardening With the Empress

This post is part of an October writing challenge: Writing the Wisdom of Your Soul hosted by Lyn Thurman of the Inner Goddess Revolution. Every weekday in October, she is providing blog prompts inspired by the major arcana of tarot. The deck I am using is the Universal Fantasy Tarot. I hope you will enjoy this journey with me. Love and Blessings!

Gardening With the Empress

Today's theme is the Empress representing nourishment and abundance. Creativity and fruition of your ideas and dreams. What are you thankful for that has already manifested in your life?

My biggest blessing is for a dream I didn't realize I had until it came true, my family. As mentioned in a previous post, meeting my soul mate through a monkey wrench in my plans but its results were the abundance of love that first was just between us and later spread further out to include our two sons. My family has brought me great joy and taught me how to truly love with all your heart and soul, with every fiber of your being. What a fantastic gift to experience love in near divine form as a mortal. 

I also feel blessed to live in an area where there are so many natural settings to be inspired by. We have coastal areas, swamps and marshes, rivers, different types of forests, caverns and more. Everywhere you go, there is a new vista to take in. Nature nurtures our dreams, creativity and even our souls. There is something magical that I think Urban dwellers miss out on unless they take the time to seek her out. I am blessed that I have her right outside our door. 

The Empress has been busy with me tending this garden of gratitude and I think it has been a positive experience. What's blooming in your garden (what are you grateful for?)


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