Oct 17, 2014

The Hierophants Secrets

This post is part of an October writing challenge: Writing the Wisdom of Your Soul hosted by Lyn Thurman of the Inner Goddess Revolution. Every weekday in October, she is providing blog prompts inspired by the major arcana of tarot. The deck I am using is the Universal Fantasy Tarot. I hope you will enjoy this journey with me. Love and Blessings!

The Hierophants Secrets

For this assignment we are to write on the Hierophant as a spiritual mentor and what knowledge we have to share as we channel this character of the Tarot. While I feel I have plenty of knowledge to share, and do so whether people want to here it or not, I am still always learning and growing. When walking a spiritual path, whether Pagan or from a main stream Judaic religion, one must always be open to learning and growth. Otherwise we become stagnant and lackadaisical in our spiritual life. 

That would be my number one secret of the universe, Always Reach Higher. Channel the hierophant by constantly reading not only books related to your faith but those of others, of our history as humans, of cultures, ancient and modern. Learn, learn, and learn more. When something contradicts what you believe in or something you read elsewhere, dig deeper. Find out why people believe what they do. What research or studies were done? Then evaluate how that applies to you and your faith. Be open to change and acceptance of new ideas if they call to you.This is my number two secret to the universe, Always Trust Your Soul. It knows on a subconscious level what you need and why. Feed it and it will grow. 

I hope my secrets are helpful. I know they work for me and I hope they help you on your path, wherever it may take you. 


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