Oct 2, 2014

The Magician's Miracle-Maker Kit

This post is part of an October writing challenge: Writing the Wisdom of Your Soul hosted by Lyn Thurman of the Inner Goddess Revolution. Every weekday in October, she is providing blog prompts inspired by the major arcana of tarot. The deck I am using is the Universal Fantasy Tarot. I hope you will enjoy this journey with me. Love and Blessings!

The Magician's Miracle-Maker Kit

For day 2, we are supposed to write about what we want or need to manifest in our soul journey. In my previous post I laid out the foundation of walking in my ancestors footsteps and feeling my roots. Here the Magician takes over from the Fool. 

The suits in the tarot represent different elements. Wands are fire, representing spirit and passion. Swords are air, representing the mind and perception. Chalices are water, representing emotions and the heart. Pentacles are earth, representing things of our physical world such as our careers, money matters, health, etc. The Magician, provides us with the tools we need to achieve our goals by presenting us with the wand, sword chalice and pentacle. Here is my kit for for my soul journey.

For the Wand, I would like to say that I already have all the passion and spirit I need and really this isn't necessary for my journey BUT I would be fibbing. If I was as passionate about it as I needed to be I would already be making plans and figuring out our itinerary. I think a part of me is scared to make a journey so far out of my comfort zone. Its one thing to dream about something, it is quite another to take that step off the cliff and begin the new adventure. So for my wand, I need the extra nudge to take that leap of faith. 

That leads us into the Sword. It is easy for me to get caught up in the moment. Sometimes, more often than not, I will take the leap before I think. That seems sort of contradictory to the last tool but its about perception. Most of the time, these moments of fancy are not particularly dangerous or have lasting ramifications. This journey may very well have those moments where planning is of the utmost importance. For my sword I would need my husband along with me. He grounds me like no other person or thing can. He would also make the journey twice as sweet because what better way to travel than with the one you love the most. 

For my Chalice, I would want to manifest connections with distant relations. Hopefully, I would meet people who are maybe related in some distant fashion. Who connect with me on an ancestral level. We may have no physical proof that we are kin but we would know with our souls. An instant, I remember you from our lives before us, feeling. I would also love to fall in love with the lands I visit. To really feel the spirit of the land on a level beyond the surface. But not to the point where I wouldn't want to return home. So I would also want some soil from or a photo of home so I could resist the urge to stay forever. 

For my Pentacle, I would need money. Not instantaneous wealth but enough to make our journey at the least comfortable.On the surface this seems materialistic but our soul can not journey on the physical plane without taking into consideration the bodies needs. I would still need shelter, food and water. Plus its not exactly feasible to swim across oceans. I am already gainfully employed so what I really need is to start saving up. Even though pentacles are about the physical, they can still be about a mindset and that is what I need, a saving mindset. 

So here is my Miracle-Maker Kit: A leap of faith, My husband, Connections with the lands and people I encounter, A photo or symbol of home to keep from getting lost, and a saving mindset. What is in you miracle-maker kit for journeys near or far?


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