Oct 8, 2014

The Emperor: Embracing the Masculine

This post is part of an October writing challenge: Writing the Wisdom of Your Soul hosted by Lyn Thurman of the Inner Goddess Revolution. Every weekday in October, she is providing blog prompts inspired by the major arcana of tarot. The deck I am using is the Universal Fantasy Tarot. I hope you will enjoy this journey with me. Love and Blessings!

The Emperor: Embracing the Masculine

Yesterday's theme was the Emperor. He represents order, logic and experience. I held off, fine procrastinated, on this post because I really wanted to ponder my thoughts before posting this. I know, I know... this is supposed to be a free writing assignment and we are just supposed to go with it. But in my experience this post is likely to annoy someone. 

I have seen this growing trend to embrace our inner Goddess, which I support 100%, but with this trend I have seen the demasculinization of our society. I am not talking about who is the minority and majority, nor am I talking about actual gender and how they portray their sex. I am specifically talking about feminine vs masculine energy and how we honor them as a spiritual philosophy. 

In the past, feminine energy was associated with creativity, intuition, and emotions. Masculine energy was the structure, logic and physical. The two make up a whole. If you are denying the masculine in your life, you are going to be incomplete. Rather than accept and embrace both parts, people either deny the masculine altogether or try to neuter him so as to be more politically correct. 

This has also overflowed into modern paganism as well. With the resurgence of ancient beliefs, people have jumped headlong into Goddess worship, which again I support. These Ladies deserve our respect and honoring them after they have been in the closet as if a dirty secret all these years is fabulous. But what about our Gods? When was the last time you made homage to a patron God other than as a side note in a ritual? Shouldn't we treat both Masculine and Feminine equally in our spiritual life just as we strive to treat Men and Women equally in our physical life? 

We need structure so we don't fly into chaos but at the same time we need the creativity to freely explore our physical world and our inner worlds. We need to be logical but at the same time we need to embrace our intuition. We need to dwell in the physical world and take care of our physical needs but we also need to dwell and care for our emotional needs. It is ok to explore our feminine side but it is equally important to explore our masculine side. Without both in our lives we become unbalanced. The Emperor is a good reminder of this. He is there to balance out the Empress. With the Emperor's protection (order) The Empress is free to tend her garden and make things grow (creativity). I know I need him. 

As I touched on in an earlier post, my husband is the embodiment of masculine energy. He isn't controlling but he is the reason that calms my sometimes crazy antics and he is the structure that keeps me running on a decent schedule. He grounds me when I might flit away. On the flip side, I would like to think that I add creativity and spontaneity to his life. We balance each other and the fact that we accept and embrace our differences as masculine and feminine. I believe its one of the reasons our marriage is as strong as it is, finding the person who balances you and whom you balance is the key. 

Fortunately, I feel the Emperor is well represented in my life but we can all use the little reminder that he has a place in our lives. Structure, reason and our physical bodies have their own place in our lives. Embrace them. 


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